Vocal training CD

with hypnotherapy, posture and breathing exercises

Due to an interest in my work from people living abroad and outside London, as well as those with time or financial restrictions I am now pleased to be able to offer my hypnosis/singing masterclass CD. I hope it will help many new people to find their voice, gain confidence for auditions and expand their musical horizons.


Part 1. Hypnosis

Is a powerful hypnotic induction that works both directly and indirectly on many levels. It will help you let go of any limiting beliefs that may of blocked your natural talents and creative potential. It enables you to increasingly see your self as a good singer and engages the power of your unconscious mind to work towards your goal of becoming a very good singer.

Part 2. Posture and breath training.

When your posture is correct you feel good, produce a better sound and look good (have more stage presence).Good breath control is the other key. Posture and breath are strongly linked.

Part 3. Vocal exercises.

A variety of exercises each one a little more challenging than the previous.These develop range, agility power and breath control/sustain.

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Currently unavailable with plans to reintroduce Autumn 2014

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